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Gold Filled

Henry Jullien continues mastery of this technique dating back to the 19th century. About 300 operations are necessary to produce a gold filled frame. Gold filled frames offer exceptional quality, far superior to gold plated products:
• By this method a heavy layer of solid gold overlays and encapsulates the core of the frame. Using the gold filled technique the gold here is inextricably linked to the base metal; unlike the gold plating process. The longevity of the frame is therefore incomparable.
• Protection against allergies: Gold is the hypoallergenic material par excellence.
• Exceptional longevity: the gold filled process protects frames against corrosion or oxidisation caused by contact with the skin, or aggression by external elements.
These frames reflect the expertise of Henry Jullien.

Nuit Blanche - Arev Manoukian


Two skilled prototyping engineers fashion totally hand made frames for each new design project following the 2D drawings from the Design Office. The objective will be to validate that the concepts created for these frames fully test out in all respects in practice.

Production process

Henry Jullien is one of the last player on the market to manufacture its own tools. 80% of the production process of a Henry Jullien frame requires handwork.


This is a very thorough process used also in watchmaking. Very fine burrs of gold are removed manually with a knife. Henry Jullien continues to employ this technique in order to ensure the highest quality of the frames.

Verification and Set-up

This specific stage in the frame’s development consists of accurately setting up the frame and controlling its various alignments.

Quality Control

Each frame is controlled minutely from A-Z before being placed in its bag and case.

Made in France

Since 1921, the Henry Jullien frames have been manufactured in France.